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Legal Notices


In continuing to browse this website, you unreservedly accept the following provisions and terms of use. The version of these terms of use that is currently on line is the only binding version throughout the period of use of the website and until a new version replaces it. The company is free to change the contents of these general terms of use at any time. We therefore recommend users refer to them regularly.

Article 1 – Legal Information

This website is published by the following company: MGCC Immo, Callede Property Services, incorporated as a simplified joint-stock company (SAS) with capital of 5,000 euros, domiciled at 111 avenue Victor Hugo, 75 584 Paris Cedex 16, registered in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) of Paris under the number 803973841;

This website is hosted by MGCC Immo, Callede Property Services, incorporated as an SAS with capital of 5,000 euros, having its registered office located at 111 avenue Victor Hugo, 75 584 Paris Cedex 16.

This website is managed by MGCC Immo, Callede Property Services who operates it alone and reserves enjoyment and benefit of all of the related rights.
Director of Publication: Catherine Callède
Design and production of the website: Prestaweb, William Ganneau in co-ordination with MGCC Immo,
Callede Property Services

 Article 2 – Access to the Website

The cost of the equipment enabling this website to be accessed is exclusively incumbent on users, as are the telecommunications expenses related to using such equipment. It is incumbent on users to take all necessary steps to ensure that the technical characteristics of their equipment enable them to access the website.
It is also incumbent on users to take all necessary steps to protect their computers and their data from any computer viruses.
To ensure the services proposed by this website operate properly, users undertake to give exact and full information about themselves.

Article 3 – Authorised Use

Users are authorised to consult and to use the information produced by this website for strictly personal and private purposes, in order to be informed about the services proposed by the Company. Any other use, in particular for commercial purposes, is forbidden. Users undertake not to use the website in any manner that might cause deliberate damage to the website or to the software and hardware associated with the website, or in any manner that might deliberately hinder or prevent total or partial operation of the website temporarily or permanently.

Article 4 – Management of the Website

For the purposes of good management of the website, the publisher may at any time:

  • suspend, interrupt, or limit access to all or any part of the website, or reserve access to the website, or to certain parts of the website, for a defined category of Internet users;
  • remove any information that might disrupt operation of the website or that might contravene national or international laws, or the rules of Netiquette;
  • suspend the website in order to update it.

Article 5 – Intellectual Property

All trademarks, photos, texts, commentaries, illustrations, images (animated or otherwise), video sequences, sounds, and any computer applications that might be used to enable the website to operate, and more generally all elements reproduced or used on the website are protected by the applicable laws as intellectual property.
They are fully owned by the publisher. Any reproduction, representation, use, or adaptation, in any form whatsoever, of all or some of those elements without prior written approval from the publisher, is strictly forbidden. If the publisher does not take proceedings as soon as it becomes aware of such unauthorised uses, that does not mean it accepts such uses or waives its right to take proceedings.

Article 6 – Personal Data

Article 7 – Limitation of Liabilities

The publisher may not be held liable in the event of failure, breakdown, defectiveness, difficulty or interruption of operation, preventing access to the website or to any of its functions or features. You are fully liable for the hardware that you use for accessing or logging on to the site. You should take all appropriate steps to protect your hardware and your own data, in particular from viral attacks via the Internet. Furthermore, you are solely liable for your choice of the websites and of the data you consult.
The publisher cannot be held liable in the event legal proceedings are taken against you:

  • due to your use of the website or of any service accessible via the Internet;
  • due to you not complying with these general terms and conditions.

The publisher is not liable for any damage or harm caused to yourself, to third parties and/or to your equipment due to you accessing or logging on or using the website, and you waive any right to take proceedings against the publisher for any such damage or harm.
If proceedings are taken out of court or in court against the publisher due to your use of the website, the publisher may take action against you to obtain compensation for all of the harm, sums, convictions, and costs that might result from those proceedings. In addition, the information made available to users by this website is made available to them merely by way of information, without it being possible for the company to guarantee the relevance or accuracy of such information. The website contains or may contain hyperlinks to website or web pages of third parties, or make reference to such websites or web pages in indirect manner.

The company may in no way be held liable for the content or for the characteristics of the said websites or web pages, or for any damage or harm that might result from using them. In view of the constraints related to the Internet, users acknowledge that the company cannot guarantee that data interchange is fully secure. Therefore, the company may not be held liable for any harm or damage resulting from the user passing on any type of information via this website or via any form of electronic messaging.

Article 8 – Disputes

These terms of use of the website are governed by French Law. In the event of disputes relating to interpretation or performance of these general terms and conditions, firstly an out-of-court solution shall be sought. Failing an out-of-court settlement, the dispute shall be referred to the competence of the Courts within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Paris.

Article 9 – Contact Us

For any query or information on the services proposed on the website, or relating to the website itself, you may leave a message at the following address: contact@parispropertyservices.fr
MGCC Immo “Callede Property Services” is incorporated as an SASU having its registered office located in
Paris at 111 avenue Victor Hugo, 75 584 Paris Cedex 16.  This company is dedicated to property transactions, hunting for apartments, looking for apartments, and acting as an estate agent.

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